About Us

We are a United Pentecostal Congregation.

We desire to be a place where people can feel the power of God's Spirit and receive the truth of God's Word!

What to Expect

As soon as you walk onto our campus you will be welcomed with a smile and a handshake. If you need directions or assistance, we have a welcome team ready to help. 

What do I wear?

Have you ever been to an event and you thought you were supposed to dress up, but no one else did? Or maybe you’ve showed up in your casual outfit​ and everyone showed up in there Sunday’s best? Yeah, that can be awkward. Thankfully, you don’t have to worry about that here. You’ll see people dressed in suits and ties and others in their work clothes. Our focus is not how you come as much as on how you leave. We’re just going to be happy to see you!


What is worship like?

Here at The Pentecostals of Smyrna, our worship team give tirelessly of their time and energy to making each gathering a life-changing experience. Attend any of our gatherings and you will experience inspiring, dynamic worship and music of varying styles that will bless worshippers of all ages.

Your kids have home here.

​​Your kids are important to us. We believe they are not just the church of tomorrow, but they are the church of today. Sunday mornings we offer Kids Church. We begin with serving them breakfast at 9:45 and then we have a time of games, worship and teaching. On Wednesday nights at 7pm during our midweek worship gathering, we have another kids gathering that takes place where kids will participate in kids choir, crafts,  snacks and games.

Our Pastor

B. C. Saddler


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